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40 No-Cost Ideas to Make Mother’s Day Special

Nadine Briggs

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! This special day offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Mom and practice perspective-taking—considering the thoughts and feelings of others. For children with social challenges, developing perspective taking is particularly important. A lack of perspective taking was evident for this particular holiday when I had discovered that many kids had not previously celebrated Mother’s Day. Considering everything that moms do for us every day, it’s vital to use this occasion to truly express our gratitude and affection.

We suggest starting the conversation now about Mother’s Day so that kids have time to think about how to make their mom feel special.

Note: If your mom plans to visit her own mother on Mother’s Day, why not make Saturday her special day? That way, you can dedicate your full attention and care to making her feel as appreciated and loved as she truly is.

Here are 40 thoughtful and cost-free activities that kids can do for their moms on Mother’s Day to make it special.

1.      Breakfast in Bed: Serve mom her favorite breakfast in bed.

2.      Handmade Card: Create a colorful and heartfelt card.

3.      Write a Poem: Write a poem expressing love and gratitude.

4.      Memory Book: Assemble a scrapbook of favorite memories and moments.

5.      Picnic in the Park: Prepare a picnic to enjoy at a local park.

6.      Performance: Put on a play or a dance performance at home.

7.      Garden Together: Help with weeding or planting new flowers in the garden.

8.      DIY Spa Day: Set up a home spa day with homemade facials.

9.      Customized Playlist: Create a playlist of songs that remind you of her.

10.  Nature Walk: Take a walk together in a nearby nature reserve or park.

11.  Cook Dinner: Prepare her favorite meal with ingredients you already have.

12.  Memory Lane: Walk through your photo albums together and share memories.

13.  Bike Ride: Go on a relaxing bike ride together.

14.  Art Project: Create an art project together using supplies you have.

15.  Movie Marathon: Watch her favorite movies or TV shows together.

16.  Virtual Gathering: Organize a virtual meet-up with family who can’t be there.

17.  Compliment Jar: Write down things you love about her on slips of paper and fill a jar.

18.  Household Chores: Take over all her chores for the day.

19.  Story Time: Write a short story with her as the hero and read it to her.

20.  Treasure Hunt: Create a treasure hunt with clues leading to a handmade gift.

21.  Interview Her:Video of you interviewing her. Ask about her life & favorite memories.

22.  Stargazing: Lay out a blanket at night and stargaze together.

23.  Write a Letter: Write her a heartfelt letter to read.

24.  Comedy Show: Prepare a stand-up comedy routine to make her laugh.

25.  Origami: Learn to make origami flowers or birds and create a bunch for her.

26.  Photography Day: Be her photographer for the day and create a photo album.

27.  Candlelight Dinner: Arrange a candlelight dinner at home with whatever you have.

28.  Organize: Help organize a part of the home she often talks about cleaning up.

29.  Wash her car: inside and out

30.  Personalized Coupons: Make coupons for things she can redeem from you.

31.  Virtual Tour: Explore museums or places online that she’s interested in.

32.  Puzzle Time: Spend the day working on a large puzzle together.

33.  Gratitude Session: Sit together and share things you are both grateful for.

34.  Write Future Letters: Write letters to each other to be opened in the future. Share hopes and dreams or sweet memories.

35.  Create a Video Tribute: Use a smartphone or tablet to record a heartfelt video tribute, expressing love and appreciation, and maybe compile messages from other family members.

36.  Guided Meditation: Lead a relaxing guided meditation at home with the help of online resources to help her unwind.

37.  Be her “gopher”: Fetch anything she needs for the day.

38.  Learn a Dance: Pick a dance style she likes and learn a dance together using online tutorials. It can be anything from salsa to hip-hop.

39.  Backyard Bird-Watching: Spend some time outside with a bird book or app, identifying different species of birds.

40.  Memory Time Capsule: Create a time capsule with current photos, a letter, and other small tokens; bury it in the yard or hide it away to open in the future.

These activities are all about spending quality time together and creating new memories, which are priceless gifts for any mom!

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