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Empower Kids with Impulse Control Issues: Recommended App

Nadine Briggs

Many of the children enrolled in our social skills program face challenges related to impulsivity. Mindfulness can be an effective tool to help them gain better control over their busy minds. However, encouraging consistent mindfulness practice in individuals with impulsive tendencies can be quite challenging. Nonetheless, it is precisely what these children require to develop the ability to think before acting or speaking, thus avoiding unintended consequences.

We highly recommend the “Mindful Powers” app for this purpose, and it stands out as our favorite choice due to its unique and engaging features. Unlike other mindfulness apps we’ve tried, “Mindful Powers” incorporates a tactile component that greatly enhances the overall experience.

Within the app, there’s a virtual companion named Flibbertigibbet who guides children through various exercises in time management and relaxation techniques, which are part of the “Mindful Play” section. Initially, Flibbertigibbet has rough edges that children need to smooth out using their fingers. The app is sensitive to the force and speed with which the child interacts, promoting a gradual and gentle approach. This not only encourages them to slow down but also helps in calming their restless minds. Once Flibbertigibbet is completely smoothed, it turns pink and emits a soothing purring sensation through the device. This tactile feedback is particularly satisfying for children who seek sensory stimulation.

Activities like this app provides, can help to create the mind muscles that kids need to be able to control impulses. Kids need that “pause” button in their brains so they can think before they speak and/or act.

Additionally, the app features a “Focus Time” function designed to assist kids in staying on task and improving their time management skills.

If you are interested in exploring how this app can benefit your children in managing impulsivity and time more effectively, please follow this link to download the app: Mindful Powers Link

By incorporating “Mindful Powers” into your child’s routine, you can provide them with a valuable resource for developing mindfulness and self-regulation skills in a fun and engaging manner.

If your child faces challenges in making friends and interacting with others, we encourage you to schedule a phone call with us. We can assess whether our friendship coaching program is suitable for your family. Remember, our trial groups are always free, allowing your child to experience our coaching firsthand.

If your child/teen/young adult needs coaching to help them make friends, contact us to schedule a trial or find out more about our weekly programs by contacting us at 978-764-2758 or

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