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Navigating Friendships through the Phases

Nadine Briggs

As we recently experienced the awe-inspiring spectacle of a solar eclipse, it serves as a timely metaphor for the journey of friendship. Much like the moon momentarily obscuring the sun, friendships go through phases of light and shadow, growth and retreat. Let’s embark on a journey through these phases, drawing parallels between the phases of the moon as it waxes and wanes (increases and decreases) and the dynamics of building true friendship connection.

New Moon (Acquaintance):

At this stage, you and the other person are like strangers. You may have just met or have minimal interaction. There’s a sense of curiosity but also a lack of familiarity.

Waxing Crescent (Getting to Know Each Other):

Just as the moon starts to wax, your interactions with the person increase. You engage in small talk and learn more about each other’s interests, hobbies, and backgrounds.

First Quarter (Building Rapport):

Like the moon reaching its first quarter, your connection with the person becomes more substantial. You find common ground, share experiences, and begin to develop a sense of trust and comfort with each other.

Waxing Gibbous (Growing Friendship):

As the moon continues to wax, your friendship deepens. You spend more time together, share personal stories, and provide mutual support. There’s a sense of companionship and camaraderie developing.

Full Moon (Close Friendship):

At this stage, your friendship is at its peak, much like the full moon illuminating the night sky. You and the other person share a strong bond, complete trust, and genuine affection. You’re there for each other through thick and thin, celebrating joys and navigating challenges together.

Waning Gibbous (Maintaining Connection):

Just as the moon starts to wane, your friendship continues, but perhaps with less intensity than before. You may not spend as much time together due to life’s demands, but the connection remains strong, and you still support each other when needed.

Last Quarter (Facing Challenges):

Like the moon in its last quarter, you and your friend may encounter obstacles or disagreements. However, your bond is resilient, and you work through these challenges, emerging even stronger on the other side.

Waning Crescent (Reflecting and Nurturing):

As your friendship enters this phase, you take time to reflect on your shared experiences and cherish the memories you’ve created together. You continue to nurture the friendship, even if distance or other circumstances may temporarily weaken the connection.

New Moon (Renewing and Reconnecting):

Just as the moon begins its cycle anew, you and your friend have the opportunity to renew your bond and reconnect. Whether it’s through a heartfelt conversation, a shared activity, or simply reaching out after some time apart, you reaffirm the importance of your friendship and look forward to the journey ahead.

By comparing the phases of the moon to the stages of friendship, we can see how relationships evolve and grow over time, ultimately reaching a state of deep connection and mutual understanding.

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